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I have been vegan since 2018 and along the way I have learned that there are vegan essentials that I always need. These items and products are the ones I use daily or just make my life easier.

Wether you are starting out on your plant-based journey or you have been vegan for years you might find something useful on this list.

Being vegan in a non-vegan world can feel isolating, frustrating, sad and at times overwhelming. By sharing lists like these I hope to make things a little easier for others that care about animals, the environment and their health. And if you are just starting on your vegan journey you can look here for how to get started.

If you think I have missed something essential for vegans please leave me a comment at the end.

*There are some affiliate links below. If you buy any of the items we will receive a small comission and are very grateful for the support. Most of these items can be found in many different stores so choose whichever palce works best for you*

Vegan Essentials: Vitamins

Like every diet out there in our current age we need to be careful that we are consuming all essential vitamins and minerals.

I don’t believe that the vegan diet is any different than other diets in regards to making sure you are healthy.

To imply that vegans are weak, lack protein, or overall deficient is a typical smear that carnists use but I believe the science is clear that the vegan diet is healthy and one that you can thrive off of.

Anyways, to start our list of vegan essentials we we go with the three essential supplements we need.


B12 is definitely an essential, and not just for vegans. To read more about b12 and others vitamin check out this post.

Omega 3

Vegan Essentials: Omega 3

The Vegan Vitality Omega 3 Supplement consists of 30 plant-based soft gels made from algae oil, providing essential fatty acids including DHA to support joint, heart, and immune health. This vegan supplement is crafted without EPA, focusing solely on the benefits of DHA for overall well-being.

Vitamin D

This Vegan Vitamin D3 + K2 supplement combines 4000IU of Vitamin D3 with 100mcg of Vitamin K2, infused with coconut oil for enhanced absorption. This formulation aids in supporting bone health, immune function, and calcium metabolism.


This salt substitute offers a convenient, organic option for seasoning with a rich, marine flavour. These granules are a significant source of iodine, an essential nutrient often lacking in vegan diets, which is crucial for thyroid function and overall health. I use this product because I’m trying to limit my salt and this allows for iodine at the same time.

Vegan Essentials: Food

I love eating at vegan restaurants, but its expensive and sometimes hard to watch how much salt and oil you are eating. So making your own is best. Most essential food items can be found at your local supermarket like beans, fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grains, etc.

But there are some things that are harder to find depending on your location. Things like:

Nutritional Yeast

Vegan Essentials: nutritional yeast

Nutritional yeast is a must-have in any vegan pantry. It’s known for its cheesy, nutty flavour, making it a popular choice as a cheese substitute. It is rich in B-vitamins, protein, and trace minerals, offering a range of health benefits including supporting energy metabolism and immune function. It’s good on popcorn, pasta, salads, in dressings, and pretty much anything.


Textured Vegetable Protein (TVP) is a highly versatile and nutritious soy product that I use all the time because of its texture and versatility. Rich in protein and low in fat, TVP is an excellent meat substitute for a variety of dishes, from tacos and chili to burgers and meatloaf. Its neutral flavour absorbs spices and seasonings well and it comes it slices as well as ground (I use the ground more).

The next ones on the list needed a bit more of a focus so we decided to make them their own page:


These are essential to me but may be optional for you. They are not health foods but I sometimes like to have a treat.

Dried Mango

Okay I’ll start this section with something that is fairly healthy. I’m addicted to dried mango and I always get organic so that it doesn’t contain sulphites.

Chocolate Bars

Vegan Essentials: kitkat

Jamaican Patties

The best vegan patties I’ve had are only found in Canada and California but Golden Krust also makes some.

Vegan Essentials: Vegan Cookbooks

We have a great list of books to read about veganism but aside from those we have some vegan cookbooks because you should always have at least one in the kitchen for those days you just don’t know what to cook.

Scrappy Cooking

From one of my Instagram favourites, “PlantYou: Scrappy Cooking” is a emphasizes using whole-food, plant-based ingredients to create zero-waste meals. This book encourages readers to utilize all parts of their ingredients, reducing food waste while preparing nutritious and delicious vegan dishes. I hate food waste so this one is top of my list.

Vegan Asian

Vegan Asian: A Cookbook” is a culinary guide that explores the rich diversity of Asian cuisine through a vegan lens, offering a wide range of plant-based recipes from various Asian cultures. This cookbook provides readers with methods to recreate traditional Asian dishes using vegan ingredients, ensuring that no flavour is compromised. I love noodles and this is a go-to for me.

How not to Diet

Dr. Gregor is like a rockstar in the vegan community and his books are the reason I learned that being vegan was not just the right choice for animal welfare but it is also healthier for us to. This cookbook is a comprehensive collection of scientifically backed, plant-based recipes designed to support weight loss and overall health without sacrificing flavour. It builds on the principles outlined in the “How Not to Diet” book, emphasizing nutrient-dense, low-calorie foods that help control hunger and boost metabolism.

Vitality Cooking

Vitality Cooking” focuses on infusing vitality and wellness into everyday meals through nutritious, balanced recipes. Alyssa Dawn emphasizes the use of whole, unprocessed foods that promote energy and health, catering to those looking to enhance their diet without compromising on taste.

Vegan Essentials: Wear

The advancement of materials in vegan fashion, especially vegan leather, represents a significant stride toward sustainability and ethical consumerism. Vegan material is typically more environmentally friendly, requiring less water and producing fewer carbon emissions during production.

Wearing vegan promotes animal welfare by avoiding products derived from harm or exploitation. Additionally, many vegan leathers are innovative in utilizing waste materials, contributing to a reduction in waste and promoting a circular economy.

Thus, choosing vegan clothing and accessories is a step towards more sustainable living, reflecting a commitment to protecting the environment, conserving natural resources, and ethical treatment of animals.

Shoes and Boots

Vegan shoes and boots, crafted from innovative materials like recycled plastics and plant-based leathers, offer a sustainable and ethical alternative to traditional footwear.

These advancements not only minimize environmental impact but also support animal welfare, making them a stylish choice for the eco-conscious consumer.

For a more in-depth exploration, I recommend checking out our article on vegan shoes and where to find them as well as vegan boots.

Vegan Essentials: Personal Care

Vegan and cruelty-free personal care items are important because they ensure that no animals are harmed in the production process, aligning with ethical consumerism and animal welfare concerns. These products also tend to avoid harmful chemicals and allergens commonly found in animal-derived ingredients, offering a gentler and often more sustainable option for skin and body care. Additionally, choosing vegan and cruelty-free items can encourage more brands to adopt responsible practices, leading to wider positive impacts on the environment and animal life.For information specifically on cruelty free makeup see here.

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