The Best Vegan Jamaican Patties


Before going vegan I used to eat beef patties a lot. They were one of my favourite snacks during high school and they could also be turned into a meal by ordering a patty deluxe which added mayo, lettuce, and tomatoes.

Once I turned plant-based though I thought my patty days were over, or at least they would never be the same.

But since I found out about the vegan Jamaican patties from Choose Life Foods I have been very happy. They make the best patties I’ve had since making the switch to plant-based living.

Why are these Vegan Jamaican Patties the Best?

It’s a bold claim to say that these are the best but I stand behind this statement. For me, what indicates right away if I have a good patty or not is the texture of the pastry and the flavour of the filling.

Vegan Jamaican Patties from Choose Life Foods

The Pastry

Now, this all is of course a matter of taste but for me, a good pastry is dense and moist on the inner layer, and with certain flakiness and stiffness to the outer layer. I don’t like patties that have a very dry crumbling pastry that gives a somewhat tart aftertaste to them. I am not a culinary expert so my vocabulary isn’t good enough to really describe in detail what I’m trying to express but all I can say is that the vegan patties from CLF have done it right.

The Filling

Filling of my favourite Beefless Mild

The essential part that makes a good filing is the seasoning and Choose Life gets this dead-on as well. I wish I knew what “fine herbs and spices” they use because it’s just so good.

They offer 4 different flavours of filling: Beefless Lover’s (either spicy or mild), Coconut Kale Delight, and their all new Caribbean Curry Delight. My favourite is the Beefless mild but they are all really good. The new flavour has Beyond Meat in the filling!

I should add that CLF uses certified organic soy protein (3 of the 4 flavours), sustainable palm oil, organic coconut oil, and organic flour in their patties which makes them even better! They also don’t use trans fats, refined sugars, and artificial colours or flavours.

Vegan Jamaican Patties

Where to find these vegan Jamaican Patties:

You can find these vegan patties at most health food stores, foodland, Whole Foods, Oraganic garage and more. Or you can order direct from their site and get free shipping on orders more thatn $60.

Convinced yet??

Have you tried these vegan patties before? If so let me know what you think in the comments below.

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