The Best Vegan Meal Delivery Options in Toronto


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With the busy and hectic pace of life in Toronto, it can sometimes be overwhelming to find the time to cook plant-based meals so we thought we would compile a list of the best vegan meal delivery Toronto has to offer.

Some of these are so good you can’t tell the difference between home-cooked and restaurant quality. I will also break down what each company provides and at what cost. Hope you can find a good fit and let me know in the comments below if I’ve missed any.

Vegan meal delivery options in Toronto:

To start our list let’s look at the 100% vegan meal delivery services in Toronto.

Green Zebra

About: Green Zebra cooks healthy meals using plant-based, gluten-free, whole foods and try to buy as much local and seasonal produce as possible. Their meals are 100% plant-based and you can order them with the Meal Plan of the Week or order a la carte. ($50 minimum for a la carte).

How many Meals per week?: There are options for 4 meals per week for 1 to 2 people. You can also just order individual meals if you want.

Price Range: 
4 meals for 2 people = $103 = $12.86/meal
4 meals for 1 person = $55 = $13.75/meal

Delivery Dates: Delivery is every Tuesday between 12:00-6:00 pm. There is a fee of $5.95-$9.95 depending on location. They deliver to all of Toronto and most of the GTA, including Oshawa in the east, as far south as Burlington, and north to Markham, Brampton, and Richmond Hill.

Customizable?: Yep, you just have to pay a bit more for the individual choices that’s all.

Plant Prepped (Best all vegan kit)

About: Plant Prepped is a meal kit service so you have to make the dishes yourself, much like HelloFresh or Good Food. But I think this is not such a bad thing because it makes the meals cheaper and you know exactly what kind of ingredients are being used. Plus they make it very easy with descriptive recipes (with images).

Cost: PP offers two different plans:

  • 2 Person plan – 3 meals per week and costs $80.99 = $13.49/meal
  • 4 Person plan – Also 3 meals per week but obviously larger quantities of food and it is $144.99 = $12.08/meal

Both plans have free shipping. You can pause or skip a week at any time.

Delivery Dates: Boxes are delivered every Tuesday to most places in Quebec and Ontario.

Customizable?: You can choose your meals from 6 options every week and they also have gluten-free and soy-free options.

What makes Plant Prepped so great though, besides its all-vegan service, they also use mostly recyclable or reusable packaging.

Sorry I’ve got Plants (Best all Vegan Prepared)

About: SIGP offers vegan meal kits that are low waste and fast to make, prepared dishes, breakfast sandwiches and many more à la carte items from various vendors that you can buy from them and get them delivered with your meals. Another great option is that they have a rewards referral program.

About that…… For $15 off your first order just use this link.

Regular (2 servings) = $25 = $12.50/meal
Family (4 servings) = $46 = $11.50/meal

You can order as many meals as you want from the weekly options.

Delivery Dates: 
You can choose a date at checkout.

You can order as many or as little as you want.

Ki’s Kitchen – Vegan Meal Delivery Toronto

Ki’s is a healthy meal delivery in Toronto that focuses on making healthy, healing food that is 100% plant-based, non-GMO, peanut, and gluten-free (where possible). The meals are made with fresh ingredients and delivered right to your door. 


  • 3 meal options for $44 
  • 4 meal options for $56 
  • 6 meal options for $83
  • 8 meals/month – (4 meals delivered every other week INCLUDING DELIVERY) for $123 (taxes extra).  Choose any combination of 4 meals every other week.

Delivery Dates: Delivery right now is on Wednesday afternoon/evening. Delivery is a $8 charge.

** Mention Veggie in the 6ix at checkout and receive 10% off your first order**

Savor Living (Best all vegan healthy)

AboutSavor Living emphasizes using 100% compostable/recyclable containers and even offers an A la carte menu that lets you pick each individual meal that you receive.

Meal Options: 

  • Single Plan – 5 meals (includes salad and entree)
  • Double it up plan – 10 meals (includes salad and entree)
  • Family plan – (4 Family Sized Entrées (approximately 3x the size of a single portion), 2 Sandwich or Wraps, 1 30oz Homemade Soup, 1 16oz Chia Pudding).

Price Range: 

  • Single Plan – $120 ($24/meal)
  • Double it up plan – $230 ($23/meal)
  • Family plan – $299 ($25/meal but includes other items)

Delivery Dates: They deliver once a week on Tuesday but they also have the option for pickup from 427 Speers Road, Unit 14, in Oakville.
Delivery is $10-$15 for orders under $100 and $5 over $100

Customizable?: Savor Living offers a very cool A la carte menu that lets you pick from a wide variety of Vegan meals. This is handy because it means you aren’t eating the same thing more than once a week.

Vegan meal delivery Toronto: The Others

Those are all of the 100% plant-based meal delivery services in Toronto but there are several others that have great vegan options which we will look at now.

Factor Meals (Best Price)

About: Factor Meals offers a range of diet-specific, chef-prepared dishes tailored to individual health and wellness needs. They also provide a vegan meal delivery option that is pre-made so makes mealtime very easy. They state they are never frozen, chef-crafted, and designed by dieticians.

Meal ChoicesThey offer 2-3 vegetarian meals every week which they state are most of the time also vegan. 


  • 6 meals – $67.45 ($11.24/meal)
  • 8 meals – $83.94 ($10.49/meal)
  • 10 meals – $101.17 ($10.12/meal)
  • 12 meals – $116.91 ($9.24/meal)
  • 14 meals – $131.14 ($9.37/meal)
  • 16 meals – $161.86 ($8.99/meal)

Delivery: Free delivery at the moment.

Mama Earth Organics (Best for organics)

AboutMama Earth Organics delivers fresh, organic, and locally sourced produce and groceries directly to customers’ doors. Their commitment is to support local farmers, reduce environmental impact through sustainable practices, and provide high-quality, chemical-free food to the community. While they are primarily known for their organic produce boxes, they often offer a variety of products that cater to different dietary preferences, including vegan meals

Meal Options: Mostly frozen entrees and jars or individual items. What’s nice is that they have a filter option for vegan when searching.

Price Range: 

  • Prices per meal vary

Delivery Dates: Can be as often as 7 days a week depending on your area.

Protein Chefs (Best for protein focus)

About: Protein Chefs has approximately 10 types of vegan meals to pick from and tends to focus on fitness performance & recovery style of meals. Vegan protein is very important and this place makes sure each meal has enough.

Meal ChoicesOptions range from 1 to 4 meals per day 6 times a week. 


  • 1-time order – $16.49/meal
  • Weekly subscription – $15.99/meal (choose between 1-4 meals a day for 6 days per week)

*When you click on the vegan section it asks you to send your details for a custom quote*

Delivery Dates: You can opt for delivery once a week or twice a week on either Sunday/Wednesday between 5-9:30 pm

Healthy Alternative

AboutThis meal service seems to focus on nutrient-dense healthy food options. They offer a customizable Vegan Meal plan where you can add a separate amount of soups and salads to every meal. Their website also states that the average meal they provide ranges from 450 to 600 calories.

Meal Options: You can choose 6 meals a week or 12 meals a week with Soups/Salads being less expensive add-ons.

Price Range: 

  • 6 meals per week – $85 ($14.17/meal)
  • 12 meals per week – $150 ($12.5/meal)

Delivery Dates: They seem to deliver once a week on either Wednesday or Sunday but if you get the 12 meal plan they split the delivery dates for freshness.

Customizable?: There doesn’t seem to be much customization beyond getting a different type of meal Monday to Friday (Look at the sample menu on the website to get an idea of what they offer).

On the Run Meals – Vegan meal delivery Toronto

AboutOn the Run Meals (OTR) is a Toronto-based meal delivery service that focuses on providing healthy, chef-crafted meals using high-quality, local ingredients. Their menu often includes a variety of options including vegan meals. Most of the meal options they provide either week have a vegan version.

Meal Options: They offer a pre-set pack of 6ix meals but it’s unclear what the cost-benefit is. If you subscribe to a meal plan they take off 5%

Price Range: 

  • Meals are $15 each for vegan versions.

Delivery Dates: They deliver on Sunday and Wednesday.

About: Meels states that they combine the expertise of local chefs and nutritionists with wholesome, non-GMO, organic ingredients to deliver high-quality, healthy meals straight to your door. Their mission is to provide chef-curated food that takes care of you, customized to your schedule and lifestyle.

Meal Options: You appear to be able to choose your pre-made meals and make add-ons if you wish.

Price Range: 

  • Meals range between $14.99-$15.99 and you save 10% with a subscription

Delivery Dates: They deliver Saturday-Wednesday

None of these work for you tonight? Check out our post on the best vegan pizza you can find in Toronto!

What is the cheapest vegan meal delivery option?

Factor Meals appears to have the cheapest meals when you order the 16-meal plan because it works out to be close to $9 per individual meal.

Which vegan meal delivery option sends me ingredients and I cook the meal?

Plant Prepped and Sorry I’ve got plants.

Are there organic vegan meal delivery services?

Mama Earth Organics offers some organic meals but the choice is very limited.

Any gluten-free vegan meal delivery?

Plant Prepped, Sorry I’ve Got Plants, and Ki’s Kitchen offer gluten-free options.

Does Hello Fresh offer vegan meals?

At the moment Hello Fresh does not offer vegan meals.

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