The Future

I have built this site for people who are vegan/plant-based or people that are curious and want to learn more about this lifestyle. Back in 2019, I opened an Instagram account with a friend who was trying to go vegan at the time. Since then I took over the project entirely just before COVID hit us. It has been a really great experience creating this blog and growing my Instagram page.

I would like to turn this experiment into something larger though and I want to share with you what my ambitions are.

My main goal, of course, is to reduce animal suffering. For those interested, the above infographic lays out what I’m planning for the future of Veggie in the 6ix and a possible timeline for my goals. As always I am so incredibly thankful for the people that have supported me and have given me confidence and inspiration to keep going and to be part of the Modern Vegan Era.

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