Vegan Cheese Toronto – Where to Find the Best


Where can we get some decent vegan cheese Toronto? The short answer is, almost everywhere! Toronto is one of the best places to be vegan and to find good products like vegan cheese.

Almost all major grocery stores, and even smaller ones, will carry some sort of vegan cheese. But I don’t know if you have a similar experience but I have spent a lot of money on vegan cheese that was…..not edible should we say. I like to support all vegan businesses but with cheese, I have had my share of bad ones.

But what are the good ones that are worth your money? Let’s find out:

Vegan Cheese Toronto – Where to Find

Nowadays we can find vegan cheese at almost any grocery store but most places will only have the Daiya shredded stuff and maybe one other to choose from. Don’t get me wrong, this is great and a big improvement from the past, but it’s nice to have a bit of variety, and also Daiya is not my favourite for making vegan pizza for example. For this, I like to use Miyoco’s. But what about sandwiches? Again I will go for a different cheese (keep reading below to find out which cheese I think is best for each type of meal).

Green Zebra Kitchen

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Let’s now discuss where we go in Toronto to find some more options with vegan cheese:

Good Rebel


This place is my number 1 go-to for vegan cheese Toronto. They have pretty much all your vegan grocery needs covered which of course includes vegan cheese. If you are not lucky enough to live near their location in Parkdale at 1591 Dundas St. W you can also order from them online. They have a large selection in-store but an even wider selection online so be sure to check them out.

The Big Carrot

Located at 348 Danforth and 125 Southwood Drive The Big Carrot is a wonderful natural food store that has been around forever. They do not offer delivery but have a good selection of vegan cheese in-store and also offer a rewards program.

*Other notable places to find vegan cheese are Noah’s Natural FoodsOrganic Garage and Essence of Life.

The Best Vegan Cheese Toronto has to Offer

Now let’s take a look at the best vegan cheese brands out there because there can be big differences in taste with each type. Here (in no typical order) is my list of the top brands to try:



Culcherd is a Toronto-based company that makes artisanal butter and cheese. Their cheese flavours are Original, Herb & Garlic, Sharp & Smokey, Tomato & Olive, Jalapeño and Everything Bagel which are all handcrafted. And their butter is palm oil-free!

Kite Hill


Kite Hill is an awesome company that makes plant-based Yogurt, Cheese, Dips, Sour Cream and more. We suggest that you try their cream cheese made from artisanal almond milk and cultured to add to the flavour!

Miyokos Creamery

vegan cheese toronto - Miyokos

Milk plants hug cows is what they say. This award-winning vegan cheese is superb and they offer a few different varieties such as several different cheese wheels, Vegan Mozzarella, Cream Cheese, Road Cheese and Vegan Butter! They are based out of California but you can find them at certain Sobeys, Loblaws and Longo’s.

Violife Foods – Vegan Cheese Toronto


Violife offers several varieties of cheese but we like the slices the best because they are soft and melty and go great on sandwiches. They also offer shredded and cream cheese as well and everything comes with a ton of flavour options.



Tofutti makes slices, cream cheese and sour cream but what we recommend you try first is their Better than Cheese Ricotta.

Follow Your Heart – Vegan Cheese Toronto


Some say Follow Your Heart makes the best vegan plain cream cheese out there and it is definitely a task to make it a tasty option. Another signature product of theirs is the Parmesan Style Shredded Cheese which incorporates organic chickpea miso paste which adds some really nice flavour. They also offer slices and everything comes in multiple flavours.

Nuts for Cheese


This Canadian company has products in over 1200 stores across the country and you can find them at Sobeys, Whole Foods and Farmboy among others. They have six types to choose from which includes a blue cheese. What’s the best thing about their products? They’re organic!

Chao Cheese by Field Roast

vegan cheese toronto - Fieldroast

Field Roast makes some awesome vegan sausages but they also produce some very nice cheese. They make their cheese from coconut oil and seasoned with traditionally fermented soybean curd which is called Chao in Vietnamese.


Another Canadian company with great vegan cheese on the list. They make their hand-crafted artisanal cheese here in Toronto and it is made with a base of organic soy milk and coconut oil. Vegcheese can be found in boutique grocers across Ontario.

Treeline Cheese

vegan cheese toronto - Treeline Cheese

Sold in over 3,000 stores throughout the US but unfortunately not sold here in Canada yet. But be on the lookout for them because this non-dairy cheese company delivers some quality cheeses and you can choose from Soft French-Style or Aged Nut Cheeses and also a New York Style Cashew Cream Cheese. They are environmentally conscious, use minimal ingredients and add probiotics to their cheeses. Sign up for our mailing list and we’ll let you know as soon as they start selling in Canada.

Have we missed a favourite of yours? What vegan cheese do you use Toronto?

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6 responses to “Vegan Cheese Toronto – Where to Find the Best”
  1. San Avatar

    Wow thanks for this list!! I’ve tried most of these but so looking forward to trying the rest. I have been looking for Kite Hill EVERYWHERE! I had someone tell me they used to drive across the border to find it. WHERE did you find it?? Oh my gosh please let me know as I will be forever grateful! @pawsitivevibestudio

    1. V6 Avatar

      Hey San,
      Thanks for your comment and my apologies for the delay! The only place in Toronto I’ve seen kite hill is at summer hill market. They have a bunch of products that can only be found in the states. Hope that helps!

  2. I H Avatar
    I H

    Hi. Thank you for this. Which of these would you say is closest tasting like cheese for someone who is just getting started with vegan cheese?

    1. V6 Avatar

      It depends on what you want to use the cheese for. I would say Chao cheese is the best for sandwiches or to eat raw. For me, it is the closest to regular cheese and doesn’t have the bad taste IMO of other vegan cheeses. For baking or on anything you want to melt I would hands-down go with Miyokos. For faster replies, you can always message me on my Instagram page @veggieinthe6ix 🙂

  3. Lorraine Irvine Avatar
    Lorraine Irvine

    I am on the search for vegan ricotta cheese. Where can I find this?

    1. V6 Avatar

      Good Rebel has one by Tofutti but I haven’t tried it. I have tried their sour cream though and it’s good.

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