The Best Netflix Vegan Documentary


These days there are a lot of really good documentaries based around a vegan lifestyle which is great. But what is the best Netflix vegan documentary? That question is a little harder to answer but for me it is:

The Game Changers

Best Netflix vegan Documentary

This film really made me inspired and made me feel good about being vegan. At the time I watched it I was already 100% plant based but I wish it came out earlier because it focused on a lot of things that I was worried about when I first switched.

This film basically proves that you can not only be healthy on a vegan diet but you can thrive and might even have advantages. When I first went plant based I would get a lot of questions about nutrients and protein and that I wouldn’t be able to gain or keep muscle. This film addresses all of this and does it in an entertaining way.

Game Changers is produced James Wilks and he also stars in the film. For those who don’t know him he is a former UFC fighter and in impeccable shape. The film tells the story of many of people like him, High performance athletes that have gone plant based and seen improvements in their abilities.

What is clear from Game Changers is that a plant based diet is not only good for the animals and the environment but you can still be a with lifter, runner, swimmer or any other top performing athlete you want!

Netflix Vegan Documentary – Other Great Options

If you have seen Game Changers or are looking for more here are a couple other great documentaries:



I enjoyed watching this documentary but it is disturbing. I always have a tough time with this films because 1) I have moments when I watch where I think “this is preaching to the choir” and 2) I’m really sensitive to watching images of animals suffering. But it is important to know what is happening and to be informed for the inevitable times you will be challenged about how animals are treated in the food industry.

What the Health


I found this documentary well done and informative but was a little uncomfortable with some of the health claims made in it. They really drive home that processed meats are very harmful for peoples health but they didn’t address that non processed meat is different. I am personally vegan because I do not want to use animals to survive (no animal needs to suffer in order for me to enjoy a pizza) and if people do it for purely health reasons there needs to be transparency about the claims being made so that the general public doesn’t think vegans are trying to trick them into not eating meat.

Other Docs not on Netflix

I just had to add a couple others that aren’t on Canadian Netflix.

  • Vegucated – This was the doc that actually started my journey to veganism. After watching it I tried to go vegan right away. The first time didn’t really stick but soon after I was able to make the change.
  • Forks over Knives – This one is a little older (like Vegucated) but still relevant.

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