Best Vegan Restaurants Atlanta


The vegan restaurants Atlanta has is part of a scene that is buzzing and as dynamic as the city itself.

Here, Southern hospitality meets plant-based restaurants, offering a culinary landscape that’s both delicious and guilt-free.

We have researched all of the began restaurants and then we used our unique grading system to come up with a list of the best vegan restaurants Atlanta has to offer.

Vegan History in Atlanta

Before we get to our list of the best vegan restaurants in Atlanta lets take a brief look at the vegan culture in the city.

The city has seen a substantial increase in vegan-friendly locations, starting from the late 20th century with a few vegetarian spots that gradually embraced fully vegan menus.

This shift mirrors the broader trend towards plant-based eating, fuelled by Atlanta’s progressive communities and a strong African American vegan movement, emphasizing health and social justice.

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The growth of veganism in Atlanta is also evident by the emergence of vegan festivals and events, such as the Atlanta Veg Fest, which began in 2012.

Additionally, groups like the Atlanta Vegan Meetup play a pivotal role in fostering a supportive community for vegans, organizing potlucks, restaurant outings, and educational events.

Vegan Statistics for Atlanta

Vegan Restaurants Atlanta

Now without further delay lets have a look at the best vegan restaurants Atlanta GA:

🏆 Slutty Vegan (Ralph David) 🏆

The #1 vegan restaurant Atlanta has to offer is The Slutty Vegan. Now, I have not seen this before. This restaurant was reviewed on google over 23,200 times! Something special is going on here.

Founded by Pinky Cole, a Baltimore native and Clark Atlanta University alumna, this restaurant quickly made waves with its innovative approach to vegan cuisine, opening its doors in August 2018.

Cole started Slutty Vegan to satisfy her cravings for delicious vegan fast food, and it has since evolved into a hugely popular chain, boasting lines that often stretch for hours.

The menu features creatively named plant-based burgers, sandwiches, and sides that are as indulgent as they are vegan.

Some notable items include the “One Night Stand” and “Fussy Hussy,” which feature plant-based patties loaded with vegan cheese, onions, lettuce, tomato, and Slutty Vegan’s signature Slut Sauce on a vegan Hawaiian bun.

Other items like the “Sloppy Toppy” and “Dancehall Queen” offer unique twists with ingredients like jalapeños and sweet jerk plantains.

Beyond burgers, the menu extends to “Chik’N Head,” featuring Incogmeato plant-based chicken, and the “Big Dawg,” a plant-based bratwurst.

Beyond the food, Slutty Vegan stands out for its commitment to community and social causes.

Pinky Cole’s foundation supports underserved populations, and her efforts have included paying rent for local businesses, covering tuition for college students, and more.

This blend of entrepreneurial spirit, social activism, and culinary innovation makes Slutty Vegan more than just a restaurant.

Jimmy Jam’s

Looking for some vegan food Atlanta? Well, the menu at Jimmy Jam’s offers a range of dishes from hearty plant-based burgers to refreshing kale wraps and we have it coming in at number 2 on our list.

The Classic Double Burger Combo is a standout, featuring double plant-based (soy) burgers grilled in olive oil, accompanied by green lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, and an assortment of grilled veggies like green peppers, yellow onions, and mushrooms, all served on a 21 Whole Grains and Seeds Organic Bun.

This combo also includes waffle fries, a choice of tea, and a chocolate chip cookie, with a portion of the proceeds supporting a breast cancer non-profit organization.

Customers have liked the portion sizes of the meals, particularly highlighting the flavourful burgers and kale wraps as well as the refreshing lemon ginger drink.

The restaurant operates primarily as a pick-up service, encouraging patrons to order in advance through their website. It’s tucked away in a neighbourhood, operating out of a light brown house without clear signage, where orders are conveniently brought directly to your car.

La Semilla – Vegan Restaurants Atlanta

There are a lot of vegan Atlanta restaurants but to make it on this list you have to be one of the best. And La Semilla offers some amazing food.

They offer vegan Latin American cuisine and they have quickly become a favourite spot in the city.

The menu treats us to things like tacos, Cubanos, crunch wraps, potato- and cashew-based queso blanco, croquetas de jamon, and a “cubarrito” that features picadillo and fried plantainsand, as well as an array of garnished cocktails.

Their use of ingredients like lion’s mane mushrooms, jackfruit, cauliflower, and squash creatively replaces traditional proteins without losing the essence of Latin American cuisine.

They also have a low-waste policy and an inventive use of kitchen byproducts in their cocktail program (they often utilize leftovers from food preparation to create refreshing and unique beverages.

The restaurant’s approach is not about converting people to veganism but rather offering a space where everyone, regardless of their dietary preferences, can good food that is vegan.

This philosophy is reflected in their motto, “Everybody is on their own journey.”

The owners, Sophia Marchese and Reid Trapani, have dedicated themselves to a plant-based, anti-inflammatory diet for health reasons and have shared their culinary creations through their platform, Happy Seed, before opening La Semilla.

Mamak Vegan Kitchen

Mamak Vegan Kitchen is a Malaysian-inspired vegan restaurant that prides itself on using only the freshest ingredients to create a their menu.

This eatery is part of the Mamak chain, known for its high-quality, plant-based renditions of classic Malaysian dishes.

Popular menu items include Beyond Rendang, Lemak Curry, Olive Fried Rice, Ancient Meat Sweet & Sour, Kari Sayur, Little Wok Lotus Root, Lemak Curry, Sesame Chicken, Pineapple Fried Rice, Dry String Beans, Chow Kway Teow, and Coconut Soup.

The restaurant has quickly become a favourite in the Atlanta vegan community with an atmosphere is welcoming for dining solo, with friends, or in large groups, offering a variety of dishes that encourages sharing and trying new flavours.

Slutty Vegan – Edgewood

The slutty Vegan is in the top restaurants twice! This time its for their location on Edgewood Ave. For more info on the chain see #1 on this list.

Cafe Sunflower

Cafe Sunflower has been a cornerstone of the vegan dining scene in Atlanta for over three decades, earning a reputation as one of the city’s best spots for meat-free cuisine.

This restaurant has a menu that spans various culinary traditions, from Mexican to Greek, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

Noteworthy dishes include the sesame soy chicken, fried avocado tacos, and a gyro with caramelized onions and marinated seitan, fettuccine Alfredo, orzo eggplant lasagna, and Pad Thai.

The restaurant serves generous portions, and the staff is knowledgeable and friendly. Despite a change in ownership, Cafe Sunflower makes out list of the best vegan restaurants Atlanta.

Tassili’s Raw Reality

Tassili’s Raw Reality is a raw vegan spot known for their hearty, flavorful kale wraps.

Other menu items include the Punany and Mandingo wraps, as well as an assortment of salads and unique items like Popolicious Herbal Popcorn.

They are very popular so wait times can be expected.

Located in Atlanta’s historic West End, Tassili’s Raw Reality Café has become a staple for both locals and visitors looking healthy vegan food.

And that’s our list of the best vegan food Atlanta has to offer. If you think we have made a mistake then please leave a comment below.

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