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We are going to take a look at the best vegan restaurants NYC has to off and then rank them in order using our unique rating system. Who will be able to call themselves the Best vegan restaurant in NYC?

Vegan History in NYC

Before we look at the best vegan restaurants in New York City lets take a look at the vegan culture and history from one of the best vegan cities in the world.

The history of veganism in NYC reflects a dynamic and growing movement, paralleling both the city’s culinary diversity and its residents’ evolving ethical, health, and environmental concerns.

NYC’s vegan history is marked by the establishment of vegetarian and later vegan restaurants in the late 20th century, with pioneering establishments like Angelica Kitchen leading the way in the 1970s and ’80s.

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This period set the stage for the vegan scene to flourish, leading to a significant increase in vegan eateries, bakeries, and grocery stores across the city.

By the early 21st century, NYC had become a hotspot for veganism, supported by a network of organizations, meetups, and advocacy groups promoting plant-based living. Key events like the NYC Vegetarian Food Festival, which started in 2011, and the annual Vegandale Festival, highlight the city’s vibrant vegan culture and attract visitors from around the world.

Organizations such as the New York City Vegetarian and Vegan Meetup play a crucial role in building community and offering support for both locals and newcomers interested in veganism.

Vegan Statistics for New York

  • New York has been ranked among the top five U.S. states with the highest number of vegans (following Oregon, Washington, Nevada and Hawaii) – with approximately 622 vegans per one million people in the city.
  • NYC has a vegan mayor in Eric Adams and he announced that all NYC hospitals would serve plant-based food as default and also declared a meat-free holiday in March.
  • NYC ranked 15 in most vegan-friendly restaurants in the world.

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Our ranking of the Best Vegan Restaurants NYC

This was no easy feat because New York boasts 183 all-vegan restaurants at the time this article was made. So the number one for this city is truly a competitor.

Without further delay lets get to the food. Below you will find the top 10 vegan restaurants in nyc.

🏆 Ras Plant Based 🏆

Coming in at the #1 rated restaurant in NYC is Ras Plant Based and hats of fto them because there was a lot of competition.

Opened by Chef Romeo and Milka Regalli, this restaurant offers a modern twist on traditional Ethiopian cuisine, located in the vibrant Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn.

Their journey to plant-based living was inspired by a family health crisis, leading them to explore the healing powers of a plant-based diet and share this passion through their culinary creations.

The restaurant features a cozy and inviting atmosphere, with colorful murals and an interior that aims to transport guests to Ethiopia, providing an immersive dining experience.

The menu at Ras Plant Based includes a variety of flavourful dishes, such as the Mercato and Piassa platters which feature a selection of vegan entrees served on injera, and popular items like mushroom tibs, spicy pea protein Ras Kitfo, and sambusas filled with savory vegetables or lentils.

Their drinks menu, overseen by Milka Regalli, offers unique cocktails and mocktails, adding to the restaurant’s allure.

Ras Plant Based opened its doors in March 2020 this restaurant is more than just a dining establishment; it’s a celebration of love, culture, and plant-based living, aiming to make the world healthier and happier one meal at a time.

Vegan Grill – Best Vegan restaurants NYC

Vegan Grill is a popular spot for vegans and those looking for a plant-based meal, offering a variety of comfort food options like burgers, wraps, and pasta, along with healthier choices.

With locations across Manhattan and The Bronx, it’s known for its fast-food approach to vegan cuisine, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

Highlights from the menu include corn ribs with a creamy sauce, crunch wraps reminiscent of Taco Bell’s but vegan, and wings, which have received praise for their taste.

The nachos are noted for their generous serving of veggies, making them a healthier option among the fast-food offerings.

While the indoor spaces aren’t fancy, they provide a comfortable environment for dining in, besides takeout and delivery services.

At #2 on our list it is a must-try

Vegan On The Fly

Vegan On The Fly is #3 on our list of the best vegan restaurants nyc and they offer a great menu that caters to lovers of vegan comfort food, blending NYC street food culture with Southern comfort.

Located in Midtown Manhattan, it’s a quick service restaurant that’s perfect for those looking for bites on the go.

They are one of the best restaurants NYC has because of they’re great reviews. People love the rich and cheesy Mac N Cheese, alongside drumsticks that are praised for their flavour.

Their menu also features a variety of dishes including On the Fly burger, Vegan Gyro, BBQ Drumsticks with Vegan Ranch, Impossible Chopped Cheese, Vegan Chicken Platter, Sweet Potato Fries, Chicken Sandwich, Impossible Kefta, Chicken Wings, Loaded Fries, Mac N Cheese, and Grape Leaves.

From Queens to Tampa and now in Manhattan, Vegan On The Fly has made its mark.

PLNT Burger

PLNT Burger was initiated by a Top Chef alum, that has quickly become a go-to for fast, delicious vegan food.

They’re known for using Beyond Meat, dairy-free cheeses, and Schmidt’s potato buns to create tasty burgers, alongside offerings of plant-based chicken, chili, and soft serve.

The Beyond patties have a slightly crispy texture and charred, smoky flavor.

The restaurant’s atmosphere leans more towards fast food than fast casual, making it a good option for grab-and-go meals, ideally enjoyed at nearby Union Square Park.

Also of note, the founders of PLNT Burger, Seth Goldman and Julie Farkas, have integrated philanthropy into their business model by working with Feed Forward to provide meals for food-insecure families.

This initiative allows customers to contribute a burger or meal to a local family in need during checkout, which PLNT Burger will donate.

Anixi – Best Vegan Restaurants NYC

Anixi is a standout choice for those seeking a vegan Mediterranean experience.

With the backdrop of a luxurious yet welcoming atmosphere the chef behind Anixi, known for the Beyond Sushi franchise, has created a menu that emphasizes plant-based versions of meat and seafood, with some amazing dishes like the arak-cured soy salmon and the creatively presented chick’n and steak kebabs.

Some of the other highlighted favourites are the Eggplant and Braised Beef Flatbread, Arak Cured Salmon Risotto, and the Medjool Date Cake, but there are many more.

The restaurant’s ability to create a celebratory dining experience, perfect for special occasions or simply enjoying a high-quality vegan meal, was a common thread among the reviews.


Tamam is a cozy vegan restaurant nestled in New York City’s Upper East Side, known for its fresh, plant-based, Israeli Mediterranean cuisine.

The restaurant prides itself on using organic and fair trade ingredients, ensuring everything served is of the highest quality.

The menu at Tamam is straightforward, featuring vegan pita sandwiches, platters, salad bowls, and hummus bowls.

Some of the standout items include crispy falafel patties, sabich with crispy eggplant slices, and shawarma-style crispy cauliflower, all of which can be enjoyed as a pita sandwich, platter, or salad bowl. T

he hummus bowl, served with warm chickpeas, parsley, tahini, and pita, is another highlight. Prices are reasonable, with main dishes ranging from $12.50 to $15.50, making it an affordable option for quality vegan food.

Opened by Simon Oren and Tuvia Feldman, Tamam has quickly carved out a niche for itself.

The name “Tamam” translates to “thumbs up” in both Arabic and Hebrew, reflecting the positive vibes and satisfaction the restaurant aims to deliver.

Simen, who began his journey with a falafel pushcart called “The Energy of the Middle East” in 1979, has come full circle with Tamam, returning to his roots with a focus on falafel and other vegan meals.

Ornithology Jazz Club

Ornithology Jazz Club is a unique blend of music and vegan cuisine nestled in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

This venue stands out for its bohemian atmosphere, featuring live jazz performances by NYC’s premier artists every night and a beautiful Bechstein Grand Piano.

It offers a unique experience where people can enjoy cocktails and a vegan menu prepared by different chefs throughout the week, including Anthony James’s American fusion dishes and Kim’s Burnt Toast Kitchen offerings.

Ornithology is also home to the nonprofit Gotham Yardbird Sanctuary, aiming to foster a community of jazz enthusiasts and artists.

The club’s vegan menu varies, with offerings like chana masala and fried tofu rice bowls.

Founded by Rie Yamaguchi-Borden and Mitchell Borden, who have deep roots in the jazz scene, Ornithology was born out of a desire to support jazz musicians during the pandemic.

They started with weekly jam sessions at local bars before opening Ornithology, aiming to create a space that blends great music with good vegan food. The space also includes a second floor with games and a rooftop for performances in warmer months, and the club operates with no cover charge, inviting guests to enjoy live performances and possibly participate in nightly jam sessions after scheduled acts.

Ornithology is not just a jazz club but a movement towards a more sustainable and inclusive music scene, highlighted by its no-reservation policy, daily vegan chef pop-ups, and a dedication to minimal waste and sustainability.

The club is open daily from 6 pm to 3 am, with performances and jam sessions filling the night.

Spring Cafe

Spring Cafe in NYC is a vegan place that mixes Asian and American foods.

They don’t use onions or garlic because of Buddhist diets and their menu has items like bao buns, bento boxes, vegan burgers, and smoothies.

People like it because it’s fresh and has a lot of options..

The cafe started because the owners wanted to offer tasty and healthy vegan food that didn’t skimp on flavor so they focus on using fresh ingredients.

Customers say the food is good, the place feels clean, and the staff are nice. Some favourites are the teriyaki quinoa bowl, kale smoothies, and the hash brown & cheese sandwich.

The Vegan Factory

Coming in at #9 on our list, The Vegan Factory which is on of the best vegan restaurants NYA houses.

They are a fully vegan Dominican restaurant in the Bronx, offering a variety of dishes like tacos, moyfongitos, patacon sandwiches, burgers, desserts, and more.

The Vegan Factory is It’s known for its large, flavorful portions, friendly service, and reasonable prices.

The restaurant is praised for bringing traditional flavours into vegan cuisine, with favourites like the Chik’n Tenders & Fries, the Vegan Cuban Sandwich, Bronx Cheesesteak, and the Cheese Burger, among others.

Despite some comments about the area’s safety and difficulty finding parking, the food and service receive positive feedback​

Next Stop Vegan

Last, but definitely not least, is another Dominican Food place with Next Stop Vegan, which is located in Downtown Brooklyn.

The restaurant, co-owned by Blenlly Mena and her boyfriend Javier Saba, brings vegan versions of comfort food classics and Dominican favourites to the table.

The menu boasts items like Chickn’ Tenders with fries, Pulled ‘Pork’ sandwiches, a bacon cheeseburger-inspired Veganator, and a Philly Cheesesteak, all made from plant-based ingredients.

The inspiration behind Next Stop Vegan stemmed from Mena’s personal journey toward healthier eating and her desire to incorporate veganism with her Dominican heritage.

After starting as a vegan meal-prep business in the Bronx, the success of their Washington Heights location led to the opening of their Downtown Brooklyn spot.

In an interview, Mena shared that the motivation behind expanding to Downtown Brooklyn was the lack of vegan options in uptown Manhattan and the Bronx, aside from their store.

One of the standout dishes at Next Stop Vegan is the Twisted Burrito, a creation by Javier Saba that quickly became a customer favorite. The Cesar’s Philly Cheesesteak made with mushrooms is also popular among patrons.

Next Stop Vegan’s mission is to cook with love and creativity without compromising on Latin flavors, allowing customers to celebrate and enjoy the wonders of vegan food.

They are also planning to use their space as a vegan market, offering a line of sauces, snacks, empanadas, drinks, and juices, with hopes of expanding into retail.

Notable Mentions

The Dead Rabbit4.7 google stars6579 reviews
Eleven Madison Park4.52562
Beyond Sushi – Herald Square4.62548

The dead rabbit was the vegan restaurant with the most reviews with over 6,500!

And that’s our list of the top 10 best vegan restaurants NYC. Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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