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  • The Modern Vegan Era

    The Modern Vegan Era

    Lately, I have been thinking a lot about this site and what I want the future to look like for Veggie in the 6ix. While doing so I decided that I wanted to come up with a term that can describe how I see the vegan movement at the current time. I came up with […]

  • The Best Netflix Vegan Documentary

    The Best Netflix Vegan Documentary

    These days there are a lot of really good documentaries based around a vegan lifestyle which is great. But what is the best Netflix vegan documentary? That question is a little harder to answer. For me it is: The Game Changers This film really made me inspired and made me feel good about being vegan. […]

  • The Impossible Burger is Here

    The Impossible Burger is Here

    The impossible burger is finally here in Canada! I have been wanting to try this burger for a long time and always wondered why it was taking so long. But alas Impossible Foods has made it to select restaurants around Canada. Where can you get your hands on the Impossible Burger Toronto? There aren’t that […]

  • Vegandale Toronto – What is it?

    Vegandale Toronto – What is it?

    **UPDATE April 2022**Sadly, Vegandale is no more πŸ™Bar Vegandale and the Imperative will be closing and the Danish Bakery has new owners. Vegandale Toronto is complicated. The term Vegandale has a lot of people confused about what it is actually about so let me try to explain it in simple terms. Vegandale is both a […]

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