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The Modern Vegan Era

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about this site and what I want the future to look like for Veggie in the 6ix. While doing so I decided that…

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Vegandale Toronto – What is it?

**UPDATE April 2022**Sadly, Vegandale is no more :(Bar Vegandale and the Imperative will be closing and the Danish Bakery has new owners. Vegandale Toronto is complicated. The term Vegandale has…

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Vegan Meal Delivery Toronto

Here at Veggie in the 6ix we are all about promoting a plant-based lifestyle! With the busy and hectic pace of life in Toronto it can sometimes be overwhelming to…

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The Best Vegan Corned Beef Sandwich

Since going plant-based it’s been tough to find good vegan sandwiches in Toronto. It has gotten better in recent months and that is in large part due to Stefano’s Sandwiches,…

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My Favourite Vegan Lip Balm

I want to make this quick little article to let you know about my absolute favourite Vegan Lip Balm that is made from Bare English & Co. I First found…

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The Best Netflix Vegan Documentary

These days there are a lot of really good documentaries based around a vegan lifestyle which is great. But what is the best Netflix vegan documentary? That question is a…

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You Will Want to try this Vegan Bacon

I recently tried some Maple Fakin’ Bacon that is Cherry Wood smoked, layered seitan marinated in smoked Quebecois maple syrup….and it was amazing. I had never tried something like this…

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The Impossible Burger is Here

The impossible burger is finally here in Canada! I have been wanting to try this burger for a long time and always wondered why it was taking so long. But…

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