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  • The Best Vegan Jamaican Patties

    Before going vegan I used to eat beef patties a lot. They were one of my favourite snacks during high school and they could also be turned into a meal by ordering a patty deluxe which added mayo, lettuce, and tomatoes. Once I turned plant-based though I thought my patty days were over, or at […]

  • The Best Vegan Corned Beef Sandwich

    Corned Beef sandwich from Stefano's

    Since going plant-based it’s been tough to find good vegan sandwiches in Toronto. It has gotten better in recent months and that is in large part due to Stefano’s Sandwiches, located in little Portugal on Dundas St. W. In particular, I am going to go on record and say that they make THE BEST vegan […]

  • The Complete List of Vegan Restaurants in Toronto (Over 60!)

    I love how many vegan restaurants Toronto has now and it seems that every month there is a new one! Covid did reduce the list a little bit and I’m very sad to see some of them go like By Chloe and Virtuous Pie but there are still a ton. I really think Toronto is […]

  • The Best Vegan Pizza in Toronto

    Vegan Pizza Toronto

    Where can I find vegan pizza in Toronto? I love pizza and when I started to cut dairy products from my diet pizza was one of the hardest things to say goodbye to. But now with all of the vegan pizza options available, I don’t even miss the traditional style anymore! And I think as […]

  • Vegan Cheese Toronto – Where to Find the Best

    Vegan Cheese Toronto

    Where can we get some decent vegan cheese Toronto? This city’s vegan scene has been exploding recently and it only looks to continue going this way. One piece of fuel that will add to this fire is the addition of the soon to be Vegan Cheese Deli near Queen and Roncesvalles, Wandering Deli! The shop is […]

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