Must-try Vegan Restaurants in Paris


Paris is one of my favourite cities in the world. It’s one of those places that has its own vide.

But I haven’t been back since I turned vegan so I decided to make a list of places that I want to go to when I’m there and now sharing it with you.

History of Veganism in Paris

Veganism in Paris has an interesting tale, woven into the city’s famous culinary fabric.

Paris, known globally for its indulgent pastries and rich meats, didn’t warm up to veganism until the late 20th century.

Initially, it was the health-conscious Parisians, alarmed by environmental issues and spurred by a commitment to animal rights, who started ditching animal products.

By the early 2000s, this trend picked up momentum, and vegan eateries began sprouting up. These spots weren’t just fringe cafes but mainstream hangouts that mirrored the city’s flair for fine dining, albeit with plant-based menus.

Today, Paris doesn’t just cater to the vegan palate; it celebrates it with festivals and stylish vegan fashion like the VeggieWorld fair.

Paris Vegan Scene

Today, Paris’s vegan scene is thriving more than ever, with a blend of culinary innovation and ethical lifestyle choices. The city is home to 81 all-vegan restaurants by my count, each offering unique plant-based dishes that appeal not only to vegans but also to the broader public.

Interestingly, the rise of veganism in Paris aligns with global trends where plant-based diets are becoming more prevalent due to health, ethical, and environmental reasons.

Paris also hosts innovative vegan fashion events reflecting its status as a fashion capital. One of them that stands out vegan fashion events in Paris is the F.A.K.E. Movement, which stands for Fashion for Animal Kingdom & Environment.

This movement organizes pop-up events that aim to bring together vegan fashion brands to support each other towards an ethical and sustainable future. These events showcase a range of vegan, eco-friendly fashion products from international designers, highlighting innovations like vegan leather made from natural materials such as pineapple and cactus.

The F.A.K.E. Movement not only highlights fashion but also promotes a broader lifestyle that includes veganism, animal rights, and environmental sustainability.

Additionally, the Vegan Fashion Week in Paris has been a significant event, recognized through awards like PETA’s Vegan Fashion Award. This award celebrates designers and companies that have made significant contributions to ethical fashion, showcasing alternatives to animal products in clothing and accessories.

Events like these highlight the intersection of style and sustainability, showing how deeply vegan values are integrated into various aspects of Parisian culture.

The Best Vegan Restaurants in Paris

Now, lets get to our list of the must-try vegan restaurants in Paris. Like I said above, there are 81 all-vegan places so it is tough to pick this short list. Thankfully we had the help of our unique grading system to help us out.

🏆 the friendly kitchen 🏆

The Friendly Kitchen in Paris tops our list of the best vegan restaurants Paris has to offer and they provide a seasonal and gluten-free menu in a cozy bistronomic setting.

Chef Fanny Mijon, who has been a vegetarian since her teenage years, founded the restaurant with a commitment to organic, plant-based cuisine that showcases the diversity and refinement of vegan food.

The menu is frequently updated to reflect the freshest seasonal ingredients and includes creative dishes like ricotta conchiglie with spinach, five-flavoured tofu with sesame broccoli, and a tagine-style quinoa risotto.

Dessert options, such as the chocolate and tonka bean mi-cuit, add a sweet finish to the meal.

The restaurant also offers a carefully selected range of natural and biodynamic wines, alongside craft beers and organic beverages, ensuring a fully vegan and organic experience. The Friendly Kitchen’s commitment to sustainable dining is further evidenced by its ECOTABLE certification, which underscores its eco-friendly practices​.

B.Better Paris

B.Better in Paris is a vegan tapas bar in the vibrant Marais district, known for its creative vegan cuisine.

The restaurant’s menu features a variety of innovative dishes, such as Mini Broccoli skewers and crunchy small potatoes, prepared with locally-sourced, organic ingredients.

Despite its slightly higher price point, reflective of its prime location and quality ingredients, B.Better is highly regarded for offering substantial value and flavorful food in a cozy setting.

Making a reservation is recommended considering the restaurant’s popularity and modest size. It seems particularly advisable to book ahead for dinner times, as it can get quite busy.

Les Tontons Veg

Les Tontons Veg in Paris is a haven for vegan street food lovers, offering a menu that stands out in the République area.

This cozy restaurant specializes in homemade burgers and a variety of street food like falafel, salads, and distinctive fries seasoned with herbs of Provence.

Their innovative dishes include the kimchi burger and a unique dessert, the chocolate praline frizza calzone.

The interior features a glassed-in kitchen and stylish décor with a south-western flair, providing a welcoming atmosphere along with fast service.

Les Tontons Veg is also noted for their partnership with Boneshaker Donuts, enhancing their dessert menu​

Maison Sukoon

This is a charming vegan restaurant and tea room that stands out in an area with few similar offerings.

Recently renovated, it now operates as a cozy coffee shop offering an appetizing brunch, particularly on Sundays when they serve a set menu.

The cuisine is Indian-inspired, featuring dishes like spinach and sun-dried tomato puff pastry, and curry with vegetable dumpling. The menu also includes a variety of savory options like tofu steak and vegan cheese accompanied by kale salad, as well as desserts such as pistachio cheesecake and chocolate cake.

brEAThe Vegan Sushi Bar

brEAThe Vegan Sushi Bar offers an Asian fusion menu located in the vibrant Montorgueil neighborhood of Paris.

The restaurant, which emphasizes a creative and seasonal approach, features dishes that blend Japanese sushi traditions with French culinary techniques.

Popular menu items include innovative sushi rolls, such as the “Curry Thai in one bite” maki, and ramen dishes enhanced by house-smoked and fermented ingredients. The sushi bar is not just about food; it also offers an impressive selection of cocktails, with the Fuji cocktail being a standout, crafted from sake, Grand Marnier, elderflower liqueur, and sesame oil.

brEAThe is also known for its atmosphere and the option to book the venue for private events. The restaurant operates six days a week, including a special 100% vegan brunch on Sundays​


MOPA, nestled in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris, is a family-run, fully vegan eatery founded by Morgane and Patrick, a father-daughter duo passionate about veganism and ecology.

Open since 2019, MOPA has made a name for itself with a menu rich with vegan versions of familiar comfort foods, including burgers, Döner Kebabs, and a variety of sides like homemade falafels and fries.

Dishes such as the “Cold Beast” burger and the vegan “F*SH & CHIPS” highlight their creative use of plant-based ingredients. MOPA also serves a selection of homemade drinks and biodynamic wines. The restaurant is praised for its attentive service and efforts to minimize waste by avoiding plastic and sourcing ingredients locally

Café Contresort

Café Contresort in Paris offers cuisine with an enchanting esoteric twist, located in the lively 18th arrondissement.

This café and tea room captivates with its décor reminiscent of a witch’s den mixed with a vintage Parisian salon.

It serves an array of homemade vegan dishes that are both creative and seasonally varied, and it also caters to gluten-free preferences. True to its mystical theme, the café features tarot readings and astrological sessions, adding a magical touch to the dining experience.

Founded by Théodore and Eloïse, who are keen on creating a space that resonates with their love for gastronomy and esoteric practices, Café Contresort opened in 2020 after overcoming the challenges of the pandemic and has been a sanctuary for both food lovers and mysticism enthusiasts ever since.

Plan D – DWICH & Glace

Plan D – DWICH & Glace in Paris is a vibrant and joyful spot that brings a splash of colour to the Canal Saint-Martin area with its Memphis-style design.

It’s a small, mostly take-out venue with limited seating at the counter and a few outdoor tables. The menu is concise but impressive, featuring two rotating sandwich options that are deeply influenced by seasonal vegetables and served on artisanal olive oil bread.

Accompaniments include house-made double-cooked fries and inventive sundaes, like their vegan Snickers-inspired creation. The beverages are thoughtfully selected, offering local craft beers and natural wines. This spot is ideal for a quick, delicious bite, especially if you enjoy innovative vegan cuisine with a French touch​.

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