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I love vegan sandwiches and I want them near me. Well I love all vegan food really but I frequently am on the lookout for sandwiches.

This is a short post list hacks you can use to find vegan sandwiches no matter where you are.

How to find Vegan Sandwiches Near me using Happy Cow

If you don’t have the Happy Cow app on your phone yet, you need to download that here: iPhone / Android. This app is a must-have.

Once you have the app installed pull it up. It’s going to look like this:

vegan sandwiches near me - happy cow

It shows you the place you are located in. For me, I’m in Mexico right now so it’s showing me all of my options in Playa del Carmen.

Ok so if you now go to the filter tab you will see this:


You can set your radius, hours, other features and types of cuisine. Now if you scroll down to the bottom you will see this:

You can choose some useful filters here under Categories, but unfortunately, there isn’t one for sandwiches or other things you may be craving like a bento box, etc.

The solution is simple, and some of you may have figured this out, but all we have to do is go back to the main screen and type “sandwiches” in the search bar…

You don’t want to write “sandwich” because not much will come up. It has to be “sandwiches” and then click the one that says Nearby.

vegan sandwiches near me hack

If you do this it will show you all of the places that have the word “Sandwiches” in their description. It’s not going to get every place but, as you can see, it gets a lot of them.

And there you have it. A simple way to find vegan sandwiches near you.

Looking for something specific like a vegan chicken sandwich near me, or a vegan breakfast sandwich near me? That is a little harder on Happy Cow but you could play around with it and see what comes up. Remember it has to be listed in the restaurants description to show up using this method.

Another option though is to head to google maps and try your luck on there. I find that it will only bring back a relevant listing if someone has mentioned that phrase in the reviews.

Most of the time, however, it usually just shows related keywords like “vegetarian” or vegan options” if it can’t find your exact match.

Any other ideas? Let me know below 🙂

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